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Hello! I'm Nathalie, a photographer with a passion for capturing life's memorable moments. I'm based in sunny Los Angeles but my hometown of London will always have a special place in my heart. I started my creative journey in the entertainment industry, where I learned the art of storytelling through a lens. This experience has given me a unique perspective in still photography, where I strive to bring a touch of motion to every shot I take.

Lighting is my love language and I'm always experimenting with new techniques. After honing my skills as a photographer's assistant, I developed my own signature style - bright, bold, and full of life. I'm a firm believer that the world is a canvas and I'm here to add all the colours!

When I'm not behind the lens, I'm a speed demon with a need for adrenaline. If photography wasn't my calling, I'd be racing down the track as an F1 driver. So, if you're looking for a wild and colourful ride, look no further - I'm your gal!

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+1 310 866 3569
+44 7921921343

USA: Love Artists Agency
UK: Raider Zero

Selected client list:
Ray Ban
Essence Magazine
Saatchi & Saatchi NYC
Proctor & Gamble
Vidal Sassoon 
Atlantic Records
Sony Music 
Warner Bros 

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