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Born and raised in London, British photographer Nathalie Gordon shoots with an unusual but fantastic hyper realistic style. Her work is packed with high sheen and edge, yet she is able to maintain a realistic and believable representation of her subjects.

Her use of high flash and big gloss, keep you on the edge they keep you wanting more. Whether it be a flashy advertising campaign or a social realism vignette. Nathalie’s personalised combination of beautiful snapshots, suggestions of human feelings and emotion explodes through a photorealistic slant.

Known for being strong and original, Nathalie references from the great masters of photography; David LaChappelle, Helmut Newton and Miles Aldridge. She is definitely one to watch.

+1 310 866 3569
+44 7921921343

USA: Love Artists Agency
UK: Raider Zero

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Selected client list:
Ray Ban
Proctor & Gamble
Vidal Sassoon (UK)
NARS cosmetics
Lime Crime Make up
Shea Moisture
Atlantic Records
Sony Music (UK)
Warner Bros (UK)
Remy Martin
Conde Naste Brides

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